A lot of you are advocates of freedom and privacy. People aren't born valuing these things, but must learn one way or another. Many people never learned, and younger generations don't miss what they never had. When/how did you learn to value freedom and privacy?

For me it began when when I was 7-10 and came almost exclusively from movies and books, though my librarian had been part of the civil rights movement and told us stories. Freedom was something mentioned often in church, but at that age it didn't really click. The Call of the Wild, White Fang, Little House Books, Roots, Snow Treasure, and The Dairy of Anne Frank all seemed to have had a profound impact on me.

@daniel very interesting question! My first idea was to connect freedom tho the Spirit of God. That's certainly true for Christians, but there are a lot of atheists who value freedom too. I don't know.

I'll keep your post in mind and check for better answers later. :) have a good day!

@daniel Good question. I see my own son, NOT raised with socialist values, have these modern views...well, that's how it is now...attitude. I keep instructing him.

@daniel That's going to be too hard to answer, at least for me.

For me, it was watching tv in the 70's... Especially little house on the prairie and the Walton's. It caused me to have the values reinforced that my parents were giving me, and showed me a view of Americans who didn't take their freedoms for granted and honored their felloe man

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