I swapped out Linux Mint for Devuan today on a couple of displays in the house. Mint was getting kinda bloated and I needed very few of the packages that I saw in updates. Not a fan of systemd either. Seriously though, I haven't missed fooling around with wifi drivers. Between those and a problem with the USB installer, I wasted more time than it was probably worth.

Since I started training for a marathon, I've been transitioning to minimal/barefoot shoes because there is a convincing amount of evidence that suggests that modern shoes increase injury. It reminded me of the 2000 year old Roman shoes that were found in a well. Wow.

Planning on running a marathon next September/October, wish me luck!

@paga4 This is John interviewing Nathan back in 1982. My understanding is that he helped a lot of people in his 50 years of practicing medicine. 77 isn't young, but it isn't old either. I think there's a lot of people who put their hope in diets, exercise, etc, but really, we're not guaranteed tomorrow. The best we can do is to learn, make the best decisions we can, and put our hope in God.

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One of my favorite Whole Food Plant Based diet proponents passed away this week - Dr. John McDougal 😟

I’ve been thinking about getting into the habit of correspondence via email or handwritten letters with friends and family. We call and text all of the time, but correspondence seems to be a dying art outside of business. Writing really elevates conversations by giving us time to focus and polish what we want to say. Compare TikTok and The Shawshank Redemption. Both have their places and it would be a shame to lose either.


We’re having a simple dinner tonight, just microwaved some potatoes and are watching The Martian.

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To use the Montreal subway, you tap a paper ticket against the turnstile and it opens. But how does it work? And how can the ticket be so cheap that it's disposable? I opened up the tiny NFC chip inside to find out more... 1/15

I was feeling pretty smug about catching that fish. Must have been Heidi’s age.

My dad turns 70 tomorrow, so I’m going to fly in to see him tonight toting 70oz of beef jerky that my lovely wife made. Wish me luck!

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We had a busy few days last week when my parents came to visit for my birthday! A lot of fun times and good memories🙂

This interview with Nathan Pritikin from 1982 still has a lot of great information. We now have a better understanding of some of the mechanisms behind health and disease, but his advice still holds up.

I’ve recently fallen down a rabbit hole regarding write once, read multiple (WORM) data storage. I know there are hard drives that do this, along with optical disks, but has anyone ever used an operating system that is built around this principle? It would be like your system having constant snapshots. It wouldn’t be practical for everything, but the most stable storage isn’t rewritable. The 5D optical storage disks hold 360TB and could potentially last billions of years…

This was pretty funny.
You can go the O'Reilly Auto Parts and search 121g.

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