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Google have been quietly de-listing #XMPP apps from their Play store one-by-one for made-up reasons. Today they finally came for Conversations (gultsch.social/@daniel/1119290 ).

@fdroidorg doesn't have these problems, and they additionally rebuild from source, supporting reproducible builds (so unlike the Play store, you know the published source code matches what's in the app you download). With their recent enhancements (f-droid.org/2024/02/01/twif.ht ) I'll be recommending it to more people.

Some news about pesticides in oats that affects our family and probably yours as well.
Here are some links to scientific studies about the potential problems of the pesticide in question.

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Timelapse from 9am to 10:30 this morning in #iceland, the fresh flow of lava crossing the Highway to Grindavik.


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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas EVICERATES Colorado attorney Jason Murray during Donald Trump's 14th Amendment hearing at SCOTUS.

Thomas - "What are the examples?"

Murray - Provides no examples.

Thomas - "Do you have any examples of this?"

Murray - Still no examples.


Prepared my first purple sweet potatoes this morning. They were quite delicious and I prefer smaller potatoes with more skin/volume ratio. There was an aftertaste/mouthfeel that I think I prefer to the regular orange ones.

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Trying to refine how our family organizes their recorded pictures and videos. Data is coming in from all sorts of places. So many files have duplicates and duplicate names (I.E. IMG_1001). Data is being migrated to a ZFS dataset and organized with DigiKam. Lots of tagging and adding descriptions happening. Can anyone think of any downsides to renaming the files according to their hash? The end goal is to have many directories, named after tags, full of hard linked media. Thoughts?

Bingo Burger in Pueblo makes a pretty good plant-based burger!

I don’t normally watch stuff by myself, but tonight I’m on the road, watching this, and eating roughly a pound of pistachios. Mmm, sweet chili…

Animal Death 

Anyone have opinions on the best audio/music library players for Linux? My folks are finally setting up a server at their house and something that doesn’t require endless fiddling would be nice. Playback control of the sound system by phones and other devices on the network would be a major plus.

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All the morons who said "y texas have own power grid gruc no understandee" NOW YOU DO
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The Wonka movie wasn't bad for a fun family movie. Chalamet was a good cast for a young Wilder and he made a memorable performance. The plot seemed devoid of any social agenda, which was refreshing, and I can even remember a few lines from some of the songs. Almost every musical lately has had such bad, forgettable, music.

I am so grateful for modern conveniences. I often think about how difficult it would be raising a kid with a disability without them. In times past folks would send their kids off to asylums and I can understand that choice, especially if they had lots of other kids to consider. Thankfully now, if Heidi makes a mess, I can just shower her off, throw some things in the washer, etc...Several of my blind friends have had their lives improved so much by technology. Use these amazing tools wisely!

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