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Farewell Fred Ward. Earl Bassett was a late childhood/teenage hero of mine.

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it: bjoernkarmann.dk/occlusion-gro

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?”
-Rabbi Hillel

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So a great deal of the cryptocurrency space is admittedly hype, laundering, and oftentimes the wrong tool for the job. I'm a believer in the technology and I think it could do a lot of good for mankind. Average folks don't understand that it isn't just about money. Blockchains are records that are replicated globally and can't be altered. Here is an example(a little cheesy) of a message stored on a blockchain.
It could, in theory, be around for ages.

My cousins wrote and performed a song a few years back based on a Civil War letter written by a soldier to his wife. It's a good song.


Ken Burns also mentions it at the end of the first episode of The Civil War.


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Ran into my late grandfather’s call sign while visiting my parents.

A picture from when I was about Heidi’s age. My folks are just eating it up.

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