@dallin I agree with you, we have been having outside services, but the weather can make things difficult/distracting. It is good that it is still possible to worship together and fellowship, however limited though it may be. Come winter, outside won't be an option. What do you think of this?

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As I was telling my nephew about the importance of campfire safety, I was reminded of my neighbor/co-worker's home that had a grassfire a couple of years ago. They are about 6 miles away! I think they left a vehicle idling over some tall grass.

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Purism is hiring!

We are looking for an On-site Electronics Engineer here in Carlsbad, CA.

This role involves:

- good electronics engineering skills
- BOM management
- working with design tools like CAE and CAD
- experience in hardware debugging
- assisting and collaboration with software team
- free software / open source oriented
- ...and more

If interested, please apply here: puri.sm/job/on-site-electronic

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Purism is hiring!

We are looking for an On-site Operations Director here in Carlsbad, CA.

This role involves:

- Facility Management
- Hiring, Contracts, Terminations
- Operational Management
- Quality Control
- Shipping, Receiving, Returns, Repairs
- Assembly Management
- Manufacturing Management

If interested, please apply here: puri.sm/job/on-site-operations

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@Citizenzibb "Also, I'm a linguist and speak about a dozen languages in various dialects from around the galaxy and I have no idea how to pronounce your kid's name."

@Daintress I'm a bit late, but welcome! It takes a lot of effort finding people to follow on the Fediverse, but it's worth it. How did you learn about it/decide to try it?

@Gina Once they work out all of the bugs, there are sooo many applications for this tech. I geek out on this stuff. If they ever get around to putting it in place will you get a photo for all of us?

@Gina Hey, have you ever seen this thing? Been following them for a few years and would love to see it in person.

@Citizenzibb Well, as an Egyptologist at the forefront of his field, he holds at least as much credibility as the late night History Channel gurus. He would say, "There is no debating the fact that humans built the pyramids; however, aliens did use them to land their motherships. Get your facts straight Elon."

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@Citizenzibb Elon has been speaking out kinda weirdly lately, and if we had to deal with the mountains of bureaucracy on the level he does, I could see why China might seem nice. China IS like a doers wonderland. If you can imagine it, have $, and get past the language barrier, you can build it. The desperation of their people makes this possible. On the other hand, many people strive for greatness while not living hand to mouth. If most people were like that, UBI might actually work.

Getting away for the weekend and hiking with the little one in the mountains!

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I met a woman today with terminal cancer, two children, and a husband who left because he couldn't cope. She wants nothing from anyone, just happy to have each day she has left. She was the most positive person I've met in recent memory and I am shook. Puts things in perspective.

Went to check out PeerTube, looks like the site is down...

@Gina Jealous! Made some a long time ago that was amazing, but it took like 3 hours, plus you should let it sit a day or two before serving. Now where can I get some...

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