@Cherishingsparrows2020 They are beta testing in my area and I was able to get an antenna and router. It isn’t usually the cheapest option for internet, unless you live in a rural area.

@loweel Going to take it to a good location later today and get some numbers. The router has no ports, so it is just wireless, which is a bummer.

First post to the Fediverse via Starlink! Not in a great location yet, just wanted to see if it worked.

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Covid ruined a lot of planning, but we are getting back on track. Nate's in Columbia!

@dualhammers I’m not an expert in economics by a long shot, but I do know people whose lives have been saved by cryptocurrency and they are not crypto-bros. People who were in abusive relationships with governments, cultures, or people. They would say that there is value in the cryptocurrency networks. I doubt you are for CBDC’s, but hard currency is accepted at fewer and fewer places. It’s not a stretch to consider a CBDC push. How would you counter such a threat to freedom?

@dualhammers Not all cryptocurrencies are securities and there are times when they are better than cash, electronic or physical. I don’t think it’s bad to have some of both. I’m suggesting that there might come a time when governments/banks remove the cash option to force CBDC’s. At that point cryptocurrencies might be the hedge people need so they can pressure their governments to have a change of heart.

@Berrybunchfamily @tanjaostman @StevenBerry @TakeN The Holy Spirit really makes the love that we have for one another grow and overflow and this is a great example of that! Our love of Christ unites us in a way the world doesn’t understand. Kudos for the display of hospitality and a desire for fellowship when most people would only be focused on self gratification. Would love to meet you guys sometime in this life!

Oh. Apparently three other books were written and it is a series.

Did any of you ever read The Giver? It was a new book when we read it in elementary school and it has some good messages that kids these days need to hear. I just learned that it was mostly banned. The movie with Jeff Bridges is pretty solid too.

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2006: Death of Harriet (b.1830 (correct)), the Galapagos tortoise collected by Charles Darwin on his famous voyage aboard Beagle, and long-time resident of the Australia Zoo.
[Photo: herself (right)]

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There is going to be a big push for Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDC’s) across the world in the near future. When the push comes, resist it as hard as you can, because it's basically the end of humanity as a free species if it's widely adopted. Opt for cash or cryptocurrencies. Imagine your bank offering to exchange your money to CBDC’s along with some perks…shoot that down immediately. Not just, “No”, but, “Hell no!”. Vote out any politician who suggests otherwise.


Yay! Starlink should be here within 2 weeks!
Just spent a few hours yesterday dealing with Xfinity. Can’t wait to cut them out.🤞

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