@emelie Get that guy some CBD and that parent some WTF.

@blueberry @edgren Colon bold. Just starting to unlearn the double space after the end of a sentence after I got the "How old are you?" at work.

Update on my grandmother. She didn't want to eat 2 days ago and has slept more, but has since been eating chicken soup that my mother made for her. She ate her normal lunch today and a cookie, which I think is a good sign. O2 levels are good and no fever. This is all coming from staff, so I hope it is true. 15/20 of the residents are confirmed and 2 have passed away. Thank you for all of the prayers, I hope that she continues to recover!

@Citizenzibb Yeah, but in a MICROSOFT datacenter😂 I just had to laugh. I was hourly at the time.

@Citizenzibb I was once building a Microsoft datacenter and toward the end of the punch list I walked through the man-trap in security and it BSoD'd me. Needless to say, I was stuck in there for a bit.

@Citizenzibb I've always wanted to like it, but find myself doing a lot of web searches to get things going. Not that it was designed for it, but does anyone use it for their desktop?

@Citizenzibb You ever mess around with BSD, or did you find it a little too much like self flagellation?

@ZGoldenReport Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense in the desert. Golf isn't just for rich folks(at least it didn't used to be). I remember as a kid I went to the local course a lot and it cost about $20, which was what I could make mowing lawns. The club owner always liked seeing us kids as long as we were well mannered. This course was watered by its lakes, fed by natural springs, and was so beautiful and peaceful. Alas, now it is gone and nature has reclaimed it. Haven't played since.

@artyr3 I always think about this when deciding to encrypt files or disks. What is more likely, somebody getting my info(usually no big deal), or me forgetting how to access the data. It is almost always the later.

My Gotennas arrived today! Glad to say pairing with a couple phones was a cinch. First test on range through a wooded neighborhood(one was in a house)...disappointing. I was only able to reach about 2000' from inside my truck. I will try a real line of sight test soon, but I hear people regularly get 20 miles through air.

@artyr3 Will have to give that a try. The oldest files I'm able to use and find tend to be simple text files. Have you ever used X-Mind? I like it, but it has some shortcomings. Working on a project management piece of software with a friend. Been so busy, haven't touched it in 2 months...

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@lo Now there's a convo that would get shut down on big social. It bugs me too. My 2 cents is that it is because changing your lifestyle from how you were raised is hard. You have to be able to see other ways that are better and adopt them. The black community has a problem doing this because they have a lot of pride in their identity. It's too bad that they have allowed others to define that to be "victim". I hope that this could be changing and I wish them the very best.

@mudgeelight Some of the data centers I've built in the past had the switch gear connected to flywheel UPS systems instead of batteries. I remember them being pretty expensive, but they last a long time. They spun up a large weight in a vacuum to around 10k rpms. I think they could power the data center for about 10 minutes before a generator took over.

@Citizenzibb It's the new batteries not included. For something that is less than 1% of the device price, just include it.

@lo The story took a little bit to get into, but I thought the first Netflix season was great.

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