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Causality, even on a "simple" quantum level is impossible to wrap one's head around. When you think about God's sovereignty, predestination, prophecy, free will, etc, about the only right responses are, "Yes, these are real, and I am not able to understand them." and awe. I'm guilty in getting caught up in all of that puzzlement instead of just doing the Great Commission.

@indie1337 @CharismaticBatman The Chosen is pretty good; we're in the 3rd season. I was reading in Mark this week about "The Good News must first be preached to all the nations." and thinking that perhaps there are nations and peoples that don't even exist yet in that list. We just don't know how many sheep Jesus has.

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History repeats itself

Funny Robin Williams bit about these idiot banks

@swagpussc Mankind will figure out how to stop the negative effects of alcohol before they ever stop drinking it.

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When government crafts an Internet regulation bill, more often than not, the bill shows how ignorant most politicians are about how the internet works.
This is not the case with Senate Bill 686.
If you read it, you will see that this bill is unlike anything weve seen before.
In the past, National Security included the preservation of Constitutional rights. That is going away. These people have one goal. Control. Your rights and freedoms are in the way.
This thing had to have been written by tech experts. Evil fascist tech experts. It is designed to obliterate all freedom on the internet. Specifically, and intentionally. That freedom is viewed as a "National Security threat".
These people are increasingly seeing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as a "threat to National Security". And we need to understand that when they say "National Security", they mean "ability to control EVERYTHING"
This bill places everything, and I do mean everything, under the jurisdiction of unelected, "boards" , "panels of experts", and intel agencies.
Defeating this bill is not enough. The people who created it need to be routed out.

@amerika I had a few classes there in High School. Most people don’t agree with this, but just go along anyways.

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uspol, The RESTRICT Act is NOT A DRILL! call your reps! 

Well, that was rough. It’s always hard and emotional when people need to leave the church for life reasons, but this time everyone was in tears. One of the several foster children, taken in by members, is being relocated to his extended family in New York. While normally that is a good outcome, most of us aren’t convinced that it’s true in this case. The government thinks otherwise. Everyone poured out their love on him and prayed for God‘s guidance and protection and said goodbye.

@paoloredaelli The nostr.now website doesn’t appear to be active, but they are probably the same. Right now most of the posts on the relays I’m on are by people who love bitcoin. It’s a little tiresome, but doesn’t change the fact that nostr is a good idea.

If my oldest daughter turned out like Eva, I wouldn't be upset. She already sounds a bit like her😂

@atyh Oh nice, nostr-console stopped working for me a while back and it looked like the developer was taking a break.

Probably preaching to the choir, but keep your eyes on the globalists and stand against their evil.

Looking forward to longer days and milder weather. I think Heidi will be a fan of camping.

So, turns out, both sticks of RAM from my build a few months ago were bad. Guess I got a bad batch? Decided to start turning off abruptly more and more frequently until the computer was unusable. It seems like they degraded with time. Anyone know why that might be? I don't push this machine at all.

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