@tanjaostman That sounds tough! Where I live now is only a little higher in latitude from where I grew up and difference in sun is noticeable. Do you just hibernate?

@atyh Freedom and profit are directly proportional if you look beyond a financial quarter...I hope.

@atyh I'm not sure what I was expecting with Starlink, but they could do a lot of interesting things to promote freedom inside their network while still connecting to the internet. Why couldn't they have their own "space" domain system and extend that to the moon and beyond? Throw out the restrictions like hosting from a modem that we have on land.

@atyh This absolutely! Being able to sift through history to grab the good and learn to avoid the bad is such an advantage. Cars are great and I've never really understood the hate they get. Yes, they pollute and yes, they kill and maim a lot of people, but look at what they enable! Freedom to go and see all sorts of places, to expand work opportunities, emergency shelter, etc. I've know folks who had to live in their car for a season. A person with a cell phone and a car are capable of a lot.

@GettingCooked I’ve never built a cob oven, but it looks good! The cracks have to come from drying shrinkage right? Either that or expansion from heating. I work with concrete and it is a given that it will crack, the trick is managing where the cracks will be. Does the cob slough off on the inside over time?

@GettingCooked Honestly, my guess is that drying lots of thinner layers would result in fewer large cracks than one big pour.

@rhett There are lots of XMPP clients that do that, but I don’t know of one app that works well for both platforms. Conversations for Android is good and Monal for iOS is what I use.

I think awk is the best tool for a project I’m working on, but I’ve never really learned it. Mostly I’ve just copied what others have done. It looks like the sort of thing that I’ll be able to wrap my head around in about an hour, but will have to re-learn in a year because I will have forgotten everything.

Well the new Willow show isn't very good. Gotta keep pushing "the agenda" rather than focusing on writing something good.

Is there some trick to cleaning out a French press, maybe a rubber spatula or something? It’s a pretty ungraceful process that I’ve been doing longer than I’d like to admit.

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“Dance like no one is watching, encrypt like everyone is.” — Naomi Brockwell
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The density difference between potatoes I get from the store, and potatoes I get out of the ground is kind of astonishing to me. Is like the color difference between egg yolks from the store, and egg yolks from our chickens. There is alot more food in the food you grow.

@mrman Ammonia fuel is the most cost effective way to store and transport hydrogen without the pesky carbon emissions. It really is the only realistic, sustainable green solution we have in the near future. Few talk about it openly, but the world will be running on it. Dr. Daniel Nocera pretty much figured out the path forward, but he's not an engineer.
This got buried, but if a fraction of the battery research $ had been thrown at it, we would have a product by now.

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@atyh Wow, I would have thought the camera mount would have to be a bit farther from the film, that looks pretty compact.

The family has officially renamed Watergate Salad to Hunter Biden’s Laptop Salad…

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