@Patriot_CO Is your whisker directly attached to your speaker? That’s not right if it is.

@deutrino It happened to a couple of people when I sent them info about the Fediverse...

@a@subco.nscio.us My local radio host had him on last year since he is a big fan. Good times.

@artyr3 Oh, I thought there was some compilation of activitypub traffic that I was unaware of. Thanks

@sinbach @MaryMamuzich I got my wife to watch it for the first time last year. Every 5 mins, "All he had to do was give him a sandwich and this could have been avoided." I asked for a sandwich and got it🙂

@liw When you could ask a random group of high schoolers what the 4 essential freedoms of free software are and they could get them right. That would insure that the seed had at least been planted. Success for free software to me is a philosophical/awareness goal, not a technical one. Technical concerns are becoming less and less visible to more and more people and will probably continue to trend that way. Good philosophies tend to stick around since they make it through the furnace of history.

This looks pretty cool. Never gone on a couple week camping trip, but something like this would do nicely.

@Toolman Did you ever figure this out and make some more connections? Near as I can tell, Ding Dash is a customized instance on the much larger Fediverse. I’m glad they decided to federate because I’ve met a lot of brothers and sisters around the world that I otherwise wouldn’t have. God has answered a lot of prayers since they have been praying for my daughter! So amazing! There are all sorts of people on the Fediverse and finding folks is slow at first.

@Toolman Finally gave it a viewing yesterday and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe after seeing more I’ll know. I can’t help but go into Bible movies/shows with the shields up because of the inevitable artistic liberties that have to be added in that format. Such a hard thing to get right.

@neauoire Within because it seems easier to coordinate multiple shapes if you have varying Line thicknesses.

@utf8equalsX I did a few years ago for some surveys for my church. I remember it being pretty easy to set up and working well. Don’t remember paying anything to use it.

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Took a couple day trip to Glenwood Springs with the family. The pups had a great time too!

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