We've had a bad stomach bug for the last few days(thanks preschool!), so when Heidi woke up crying a few minutes ago I figured she needed a change. Nope. When I went to check on her, she immediately asked for me to re-read a story from bedtime. OK, I was happy to do that!🙂 Fast asleep now and probably dreaming about Peppa Pig and her shiny apple.

Who you gonna call? 

Heidi fell asleep at a weird angle and was snoring loudly enough that Mesa had to check on her😂

Anyone ever use RDX Quikstor? These SSD cartridges look perfect for backups.

I think most people rightly believe that we are living in a digital dark age where future generations won't really know what happened. That being said, we do have a say about it. With our current tool-set, good archiving practices, and a strong desire, we can share our lives with future generations in a way like never before. Sure, people could have always just written everything down, but now it is far more practical.

I heard that Kevin Conroy died a couple of days ago. He voiced Batman in the animated series back in 1992. It is a pretty solid series that still stands up, and obviously had a lot of talent behind it.

Things that @mike didn't tell us about his ADHD treatment journey...

We started at the beginning of the machine and let Heidi watch the process until she realized what it was making. Hot doughnut surprise this morning!

The World English Bible(one of my favorite translations) compressed down to 746 kB.
This allows for the entire Bible to fit on one US letter sized page using paper data storage.
Getting ready to print and test it...wish me luck!

I've worked on a lot of taller buildings, a bunch at 200'-300' and a couple in the 700'-800' range. An off-grid tower cabin is one of the things on my bucket list. Location is important, but most everywhere looks amazing a few hundred feet up. I need to find one of the few pockets remaining without heavy zoning/structure height permissions. Any suggestions?

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