This looks pretty cool. Never gone on a couple week camping trip, but something like this would do nicely.

Took a couple day trip to Glenwood Springs with the family. The pups had a great time too!

Dusted off a concrete form system that I engineered back in 2008. It is much cheaper than the system I am using on my house, but no one wants to give planning approval/lend money for things that are unconventional. Makes me sad. I look at all of the crazy stuff built in the 70's and 80's and wonder if we will ever get back to such a creatively bold time. I might be able to sneak this into a barn or stables.

Heidi is enjoying her cousin’s birthday party! Her turn next week🙂

Helped my neighbor frame his roof today. Not bad for 3 guys who don’t do it as a day job.

“We miss you Robin”
There is a mural next to the first Quiznos that some artists painted right after Williams’ death in 2014. It is not in the nicest of places, yet I have never seen it vandalized at all. I think that alone speaks to his legacy. Life can be unbearable, but suicide sucks.

Our church lost its oldest member yesterday at 94, Jack Schlieker. He was a great guy with a witty sense of humor, but more importantly he was a devout follower of Jesus Christ. One thing he always stressed was sticking to the truth found in scripture. The pandemic has taken a lot from everyone, but it was especially hard to see it basically cut everyone out of his life in his final year. Here is a video of him and his wife Virginia, celebrating their 70th anniversary last year!

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