Was thinking about what blockchain/cryptocurrency technology might look like in a pre-electronics world. Carrier pigeons, human computers, libraries? Obviously things would be much slower, but I wonder if it would have been practical for some use cases.

Who doesn’t like running in and out of cold storage on a hot day?

Lately in life I have been noticing a needless, ever-growing complexity of things. Things that should be simple take a lot of time, or are impossible, to understand. Reasons are given, of course, such as quality, scalability, etc. The over-complication of something is a good sign that evil is present. The Gospel of Christ was delivered to us in a way that anyone could understand and share. I think church autonomy is vital and this Docent Group stinks.

Taco Bell 

I just ran across an old picture of a custom order back when my wife had a tack/leather shop.The preacher's daughter was an employee and didn't understand pop culture reference, so my wife showed her the scene and had her make it 😂!

Just re-watched Bicentennial Man with the Misses and it got so much right! I spent a fair bit of my childhood in the upper part of a movie theatre being an assistant projectionist and, even though the place is torn down now, my love of movies remains. Some movies have this re-watchable quality and power about them and they seem to be able to shape and improve lives. Out of the absolute sea of media that we have today, what movies would you save and consider a benefit to posterity?

Brother-in-law’s family is watching the kids tonight for a parents night out! What will my beautiful bride and I do with three hours to ourselves?

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