Shout-out(again) to @Gargron, the ActivityPub devs, and @eurasierboy for making my journey in the Fediverse possible! I know these tools don't just make themselves.

Not the best picture, poor girl is getting the last few teeth in, but she is wearing a dress that her great great grandmother made for my mother. It is of excellent quality and the first of many that she is big enough to wear. My great grand parents wore a lot of hats to make ends meet, but there is no doubt that my great grandmother was a talented seamstress. My guess is that these dresses were made of leftover fabric from well to do clients.

Happy 10th Anniversary to my amazing wife! You're a trooper, my love, and my best friend. I'll cherish you forever!

@Garrett Remember that time when you won that debate by writing Nintendo Power and proving me wrong?

Took the pups for an outing today to burn some energy. They weren't excited at all.

These monitors and F-UI are great! I wish I could find something similar in real life that I could get to blend in with my bungalow reading room. Trying to mix all these styles together into something my own.

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