Rare photo of mother Wrench feeding her new hatchlings. Breathtaking. @Gargron

@JarrettMiller Having good co-workers makes life a lot better, thanks for all you do.

First day of drilled piers at Newton Middle. Hit water on the 7th hole. Will get 11 total. Installed 2nd frame for permanent backsight and grouted prism into first.

Ever wonder how buildings get built to a certain elevation? Probably not, but someone like me makes a benchmark for all of the tradesmen to use. This one is for a new middle school that thousands of people will use. There is a hidden history in every structure you enter. If you ever enter one of mine, rest assured that a lot of care, pride, and even love was given throughout the building process.

A young lady tried to discreetly relieve her stomach pressure in a meeting today. She was unsuccessful. Everyone tried to continue as if nothing had happened, but a stray smile was all it took to turn an otherwise professional meeting into a schoolyard. Never trust a fart.

At the Denver Travel Show with the family! Mary is getting to meet her favorite travel host Rick Steves.

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