After about a year of proclaiming the benefits of espousing the Fediverse to friends on the right and left, it feels like a kick to the groin to watch the exodus to Parler. I'm still laughing at FB and Twitter though.

@daniel absolute same. But all platforms are seeing influxes of millions per day. MeWe, Flote, even Gab. People are bailing big tech by the millions. Fascinating to watch.

@artyr3 I'm not even going to try to keep up with them all. It is interesting, but man, Balkanization!

@daniel I lived over there in the Balkans in '99 and '00 so I understand exactly what you mean.

@Citizenzibb @daniel missed this. I spent time in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

@artyr3 @daniel Wow that really must have been something especially during that time. How did you find yourself in that kind of a situation?!

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