My youngest daughter was officially diagnosed with autism yesterday at 22 months old. I had my suspicions, but I'm still trying to process the ramifications.

@daniel 22 months is sooooo young and Jesus can do soooooo much! I say let's trust Jesus and His power rather than the doctors! I will pray healing over her. My nephew at almost 30 does way more than expected. He is high functioning is almost a manager and is the most tender loving person. Diet is huge - but. Jesus can do all things. Let's get the DD family to pray. Hugs to you💗

@daniel *Lord be with Daniel and family as they process. May the sense your companionship, give them wisdom and pour out your strength and power upon them. Thank you. Amen.

@daniel In the name of Jesus I cancel the diagnosis. Autism will go from her now.

@daniel Heavenly Father, Thank You for Daniel's family and daughter. Surround them with wisdom as they seek to discern how to move forward in these challenging times. Each of their children is precious Your sight. We trust You to be close to Daniel, his wife and family through this, as You have been with us when we walked through valleys in .Your Grace I ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Oof. Sorry about this. I'm sure you and your family will give her the care she needs. Courage, and good luck!

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