Just ordered my Starlink kit! I've been excited about this for a while and have been wondering how to solve the internet problem at the new house.

@daniel Thats awesome. It makes alot of sense if you are rural, and on standard grid power. I was excited about it until I saw the power draw for the dish and router. It uses 2.8kWh every 24 hours. That is ALOT of power for an offgrid scenario, where you generate all your own power.

@artyr3 Oh man, I didn't even check that! That can't be right?! I do remember seeing that it would melt snow...We are building off-grid even though we do have access to it. I wonder if I could build some kind of big dish to boost the gain and reduce the power consumption?

@daniel I did some calculations on it. One of the testers on Reddit showed that it draws 116 watts at 52 volts. To have 24 hours a day internet, that is 116wx24, or 2.8kWh per 24 hour period. To power that, you would need 8 120aH batteries and 5 100 watt panels if you have 6 hours of usable sunlight in your region. Thats a dedicated system just for internet. To build that yourself, with lifepo4 cells, thats about 3K. plus $1200 per year. 5 year cost, almost $10,000.

@daniel so stretched out over the course of 5 years, you're paying $166 a month.
There has to be a way to drop that power draw.

@artyr3 I hear that they are working on the power requirements on their end as well. Honestly, having it on part of the day might be a way to reign in some of the negative effects of always being connected. You always use something better if you have to be intentional about it too. That is part of my reasoning for going off-grid in the first place. What do you think of Tesla Powerwalls? They are expensive, but have a good warranty. You can't say making your own system up to code is cheap.

@daniel Honestly, I have been thinking about what it would be like with internet that was on only a few hours per day. It actually appeals to me in a way. You could write some scripts that would download and upload different things when connected. New LBRY videos, emails, new posts on Scuttlebutt, etc. If you wanted to research something, just jot it down when you think of it, then do it when youre online With this, you could run the dish directly on solar panels..

@daniel as far as the Tesla wall, It has some online capabilities that are interesting. But for me personally, i went with building my own system. lifepo4 cells, which dont have the thermal runaway issues standard lithum cells have, simple BMS, simple cell monitor, small inverter. But I also converted most of my life to 12v rather that using a large inverter. Off grid is largely personal Evaluating what you want determines what you need.

@artyr3 I'm over-sizing the system(20kW) because the house will be multi-generational and we will probably have people live there temporarily as a ministry(battered women, etc).

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