Saw on an old 2018 Babylon Bee post about how Google left Easter off of its homepage doodle in honor of the empty tomb. 2021, still no doodle? Here are some archived doodles that Google deemed important enough to advertise.
These people preach equality and fairness, but don’t think that they aren’t pawns of the evil one. Sever ties with companies like Google, don’t feed the beast.

@daniel type in the word "cross" in an Apple message and then do the same for Android and see what pops up quickest.


@axelcsep Ideally I think companies should keep out of religion and politics and just focus on providing the best value in the form of goods and services to their customers. They will make good profits with that strategy, but apparently that is not good enough. I get that not everyone believes in Easter, but it is important to a great many people.

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