I joined ding dash mainly to connect with christians and share with each other about what Christ has/is doing. I’ve mainly just seen posts about what big brother is doing instead. Am I missing something?


@Toolman Did you ever figure this out and make some more connections? Near as I can tell, Ding Dash is a customized instance on the much larger Fediverse. I’m glad they decided to federate because I’ve met a lot of brothers and sisters around the world that I otherwise wouldn’t have. God has answered a lot of prayers since they have been praying for my daughter! So amazing! There are all sorts of people on the Fediverse and finding folks is slow at first.

@daniel I think I saw what you’re talking about, and I’ll keep it in mind. I’m taking it slow with making connections, though. Too many too fast will just overwhelm me. But I’ll use that when I’m looking for more. Glad to hear about those answered prayers! Praise God!

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