All alone with my pork rinds, meat sticks, dark chocolate bar, 2 liter coke zero, and this here movie.
Best Friday Night in a LOOONG time

@sinbach sooooo, 🤦 what's the name of this movie??? 🤣 I know, ...seriously... Rambo??

@daniel @MaryMamuzich good scene - love this meme.
Had such an amazing time watching this movie last night.
gets me every time.

@sinbach @MaryMamuzich I got my wife to watch it for the first time last year. Every 5 mins, "All he had to do was give him a sandwich and this could have been avoided." I asked for a sandwich and got it🙂

@daniel @sinbach 🤣🤣 I need to watch this again, I haven't for years.

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