Things I wish the supermarkets and food chains would hand out (instead of small plastic "collectible" toys):

**Custom metal cutlery/spoons and forks
**Reusable calico bags (compostable? Bonus points!)
*Seed packets (no peat pellet thing or a bigger one?)
*Collectible recipe cards, new one every day?
*cynical postcards (with postage paid?) + campaign to encourage people to write each other letters, because social isolation is real
*Mesh or net drawstring produce bags
*Fountain pen ink refills (i don't think pens are going away anytime soon, then again mass produced plastic cased refills aren't much better for the environment are they)
*digital assets: credits for a game, in-game items or something (collaborate with Steam?)
*when they did "spend $40 and get a free sheet of custom name labels" that was pretty good

#environment #consumerism


@rose_myrtle McDonalds used to give out seeds when I was little with their Happy Meals. I was growing some nice radishes and my dad accidentally killed them with the lawn mower...

@daniel Wow! That's really cool.

(would be even cooler if the tools weren't plastic)

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