So a great deal of the cryptocurrency space is admittedly hype, laundering, and oftentimes the wrong tool for the job. I'm a believer in the technology and I think it could do a lot of good for mankind. Average folks don't understand that it isn't just about money. Blockchains are records that are replicated globally and can't be altered. Here is an example(a little cheesy) of a message stored on a blockchain.
It could, in theory, be around for ages. is a shame. This technology had the chance of being useful and legit. Shame on the silicon valley gangster speculators to have turned it into a sea of shit. So now immigrants are back paying 8% fee to send money back to africa...

There is a concerted effort to label it in negative ways by State actors and Banking institutions. And the doucheyness around the crypto advocates seems no different to me than the doucheyness around "how to make money in the stock market" seminars. You know the ones.... in an airport hilton, with really creepy carpets, and lots of guys that make that weird diamond shape with their hands where they touch their fingertips together...
same dudes, just different generational flavor with crypto. Doesnt change crypto's usefulness.
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