Made soup. I think the half Serrano pepper I added has made it inedible to @mary 😔🌶️

@daniel @mary

Depending on the Serrano, they can be no BS for people who are not big fans of spice.

Also soup tends to spread around the capsicum. Same reason one has to be careful when peppering soup... too much and it blazes.

@amerika @mary I thought 4 liters would be enough to dilute it, but it is probably a little to spicy to serve to the general public. It does have a wonderful reaction with the MSG.

@daniel @mary

I have never used MSG, but I have overspiced soup without meaning to. It was more of a disaster than what you are reporting (people running screaming toward bathrooms).

It was just one habanero, oh and a couple jalapenos, well and a chile japonese or two, and some white pepper...

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