Anyone have opinions on the best audio/music library players for Linux? My folks are finally setting up a server at their house and something that doesn’t require endless fiddling would be nice. Playback control of the sound system by phones and other devices on the network would be a major plus.

Resonance is a good desktop option:
OSMC is a great option for a dedicated smart-tv like UI (still usable with a mouse):
It's based on Kodi but has a bit nicer UI, though you'll probably want to customize it so it only shows the music options.

Gnome music is also a good option for a GUI:
If you want to stream music to other devices you can use Jellyfin, though it's a bit hard to set up.
OSMC supports network remote control because it is based on Kodi, but again, it's something you have to to set up (but it is easier to set up than Jellyfin).

There are some good desktop & phone apps for good old MPD.

* Easy to create playlists with some sorting.

* SystemD option for restarts.

* Works over things like Tailscale (global jukebox).

* Dead simple & straightforward.

MPV if you want a few more options. Both can do streaming, but I use "pyradio" almost exclusively for that function.

For everything else, VLC.

Good luck.

I know there are several projects out there to do low-/no-latency multi-room playback, but I have no need of it. Might be worth looking at if you need the setup.

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