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Some of my friends somehow got John Noble to record a Christmas video for their dad. It was pretty awesome.

One of those days when we're pouring concrete and it's freezing before it sets...

Happy 10th Anniversary to my amazing wife! You're a trooper, my love, and my best friend. I'll cherish you forever!

My friend and neighbor just died rather unexpectedly. She is survived by her husband, kids and grandkids. She was so very full of life it seemed, a real go getter. She is a sister in Christ and was finishing building a house to retire in. So many unfinished plans. Our lives are but a vapor, don't assume there's a tomorrow.

@ajroach42 Still keeping up with your thoughts on the MDC. One of the neat things about space travel, if we ever get around to doing it much, will be that it will force our hand to develop computers like this. Because of the distances and possible time dilation, things will have to be built to REALLY last and be backwards compatible. If a company started making products like this, I'm sure there would be a big market and it could change computing for the better.

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Laziness, damned laziness, and statistics. 

@lo What do you use for a wine opener? Was going to get something nicer than the old design, but reviews say most everything falls apart within a year or two.

Just cooked red wheat berries for the first time. It is crazy how good they are, yet how uncommon it is to eat them in US. I've never had wheat berries and I prefer them to rice.

1 part(volume) berries to 3 parts water, add a little salt, 35 min high pressure instant pot. Drain, add a little Yum Yum sauce and turmeric. Not bad.

@Garrett Remember that time when you won that debate by writing Nintendo Power and proving me wrong?

If you can measure it, you can manage it. To me, a free society is one that isn't managed centrally by some bureaucratic beast, but rather by individuals managing their own lives as they see fit. The number of "measurements" that the governments and corporations have on us is staggering and only ever growing. When someone asks me, "How many people are on the Fediverse?", it is so beautiful to reply, "No one knows." @Gargron

Ok, just learning about shell built-in commands after realizing cd wasn't a program. Makes total sense actually. There are probably hundreds of things like this that I don't know. Finding out what is really going on with computers is a journey I fear that no one can finish these days.

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So we’ve been learning about 2-way radio and basic radio discipline. The kids have seemed a little distracted, and I’ve worried they’re not into it. But tonight I hear:

“K-fox this is batgirl. Over”
“Batgirl, this is k-fox. Go ahead. Over”
“K-fox, commence operation Foxtrot Oscar Oscar Delta”
“Batgirl, roger wilco. K-fox out.”

And then they came and asked for dinner 😁

Huh, today is my 1 year anniversary on the Fediverse!😃Time flies!

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Took the pups for an outing today to burn some energy. They weren't excited at all.

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