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Weeds are amazing.

“But he who endures to the end will be saved.”
-Matthew 24:13

The end of an era. To go from a tavern-like house setting to a cold boxy commercial joint seems like a step down.

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A friend from college - Ned Freed has died

I graduated in 1978 from Harvey Mudd College and he was three years behind me. But I came back a couple years later to run the computer center (a VAX-11/780) and saw him graduate.

I gave him some software products to help kick start Innosoft - the company he started with a couple other students. Eventually sold to Sun / Oracle.

He was a coauthor of the MIME spec used in billions of computers today.

Spoilers: Obi-Wan Episode 3 

@neauoire I’m sure you’ve heard of this tech, have you ever had any success with anything like this?

Found some old photos of my grandfather and me. He won states in New Hampshire for pole vaulting in 1938. I wonder if I can still do it?

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Decided to see how Heidi reacted to Super Mario World on the SNES…Though she couldn’t quite figure out the controls yet, she was content to sit in my lap and laugh and giggle until she was breathless! Yoshi running away was particularly funny, but the whole game caught her attention in a good way. The programming, artwork, and world building really came together wonderfully.

Poking around in digiKam for the first time, definitely a useful piece of software. There are so many nice things in the open source world. Will donate.

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