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A pizza place in Alaska sells their pizzas in pizza boxes that double as rifle range targets!

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Adulthood is simply taking responsibility for who you are, who you want to be, and its outcome. Projecting anything else onto it in order to avoid it is foolish. It comes whether you want it or not. It does not however mean you must conform to a predetermined systemic cutout. And as someone who chose to never adopt the system, I can tell you, it comes at a cost, and will bring times of difficulty. But if you reach your later years with your soul, your exploration, your youthful exuberance, your passion, and your kindness intact, and you arent ruled by anger, you have won.

@mary and I usually send the pups back and forth to each other when we’re about 1/4 mile apart. They just ran about 2 miles in 8 minutes and they are hanging on my every word for the signal to keep going!

Ok, shopping done. Didn't opt for 128GB of RAM lol. Spent less than I did for this computer, especially considering inflation, and the new one will be better in almost every way by over an order of magnitude. It probably won't be able to open a web page in 5 years.

It's been almost 14 years, so I'd say that's a fair run.

MOBO is getting long in the tooth, one of the fan plugs stopped working and I'm concerned that it might just die soon. Been putting off shopping long enough. 128GB too much RAM? VM's, CAD, and ZFS eat plenty, but I don't use Chrome.

You have a screw loose @mary! Check out the Magneto helmet she made Timber.

Been revisiting one of my older ideas regarding energy independence. It is basically a very large(room sized) heat engine designed for very long uptimes and durability. Think decades. It would use a low temperature differential and have abysmal efficiency, but it could be built and maintained with off-the-shelf parts. All it needs is hot water. Heating water with solar thermal is debatably cheaper than photovoltaics, but even if it’s not, the goal is a low tech solution.

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soft. ware.

basically hacker news went down yesterday and in this screenshot someone chimes in talking about it saying that they had a batch of SSDs manufactured by SanDisk all get bricked after exactly 40,000 hours (4.5 years) uptime because it overflowed an internal counter and corrupted the SSD's internal state.

someone from hackernews replies and says that the SSDs HN was hosted on were in fact SanDisk Optimus Lightning IIs and almost exactly 4.5 years old.

never trust a firmware

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@atyh Starting a journey to figure out how to replicate this and convert it to ammonia fuel.

@atyh Even if you're right to blame capitalism/consolidation, really won't it just give people what they want? If people valued beauty/quality/sustainability over whatever widget can get the job done the cheapest, we would get that don't you think?

When I see things like this, it reinforces my belief that we have lost some wonderful things as a society and they we could be so much better.

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