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Not a potato chip, not a potato wedge. Something in between and they’re great!

This is driving us nuts. There was some movie/series that featured ring-shaped storage/authentication devices. These were worn and we have this vague notion that the characters were trying to swipe/swap them. Can't remember what this was and any help would be appreciated.

Harvey and Connie Lapin have been parent-activists for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder for well over 40 years. My daughter Heidi most probably benefits from their years of hard work and determination. Many thanks to them and folks like them!

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Our friend Wendell is preaching for the first time this morning! Don’t know if he has the gift of preaching and teaching, but “we’re fixing to find out”.

Ok, just wrote with a pen, the kind that is like a quill that you dip in ink for the first time. It is fun to do.

Well, I ended up watching this whole thing...
Such a cool race and I probably wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't for the movie Race the Sun.

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Attention Denver, CO Springs, FoCo, and Foothills, I have grass-fed-and-finished bison for sale. Quarters, Eights, and individual cuts.

Plz boost for reach.

A heron at my folk’s house has switched from fish to chipmunk.

I enjoy watching Clarkson's Farm. He could have just retired and relaxed, but instead decided to jump into something brand new to him. It seems pretty obvious that he just wants to create something good and pleasing to himself and share the journey with others. I have a hard time understanding the haters' point of view. He employs a lot of people, raises environmental awareness, tries to make a profit, and makes it entertaining. Endless bureaucracy. I wish I could say the USA was better.

Just started reading Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect and I think I’m going to like it. I’ve always had a deep love for architecture, but was always against approaching it formally until I had formed my own opinions firsthand. I kinda like observing buildings to see how they make me feel, then try to figure out why.

I'm not super excited about first person shooters, or gaming in general, but I had a fun thought. We could have something like a LAN party after work, (beer and pizza) with all of the levels being different buildings we've built in the past. We already have most of the models, but they're in Autodesk formats. I remember pulling some stuff into OpenSimulator once, but something like Red Eclipse would be better. Anyone done anything like this?

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One of my coworker’s sons(13) has been missing since Sunday in Golden. Prayers and watchfulness needed.

Am I the only one who liked the Wilfred(American version) series? I wouldn’t call it super wholesome, or for kids, but it struck a chord with me.

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