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@rose_myrtle Like a greenhouse? Skylights do. Roofs have to have a minimum of R-49 for insulation here. The best glass might get you R-2, so it would get very hot or cold.

Me: So how would you make the world a better place?
Wife: You know how Israel has mandatory conscription?
Me: Yeah?
Wife: Have that, but for the food and other service industries. Maybe it would help people to not be so terrible to each other.
Me: 🤔

“I believe distributed ledger enables the kind of central control they’ve never in their worst nightmares contemplated”

I'm more of a futurist when it comes to how I read Revelations, but I respect and understand different interpretations. Still, don't be surprised when the Beast of Revelations shows up. The powers that be will try to stamp out Christianity and they will fail. Don't give up or worry if this all unfolds in our lifetime. Jesus will be back.

I was surveying an old street this morning and checking the flow line in the curb and gutter. Up the street I noticed a pool of standing water where someone either designed or built the gutter incorrectly. At first I just shook my head at the carelessness, but then I noticed several sparrows bathing and drinking the water. To them this was a place of life. It is a great wonder and mystery how God can use our mistakes for good.

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@coagain1 Truth. I've seen a few people get a little too into prepping, but by and large most people live their lives like everything is always going to be O.K. with no hiccups. Hopefully Covid19 made some people re-think that assumption. In the Toyota Production System(lean) excess inventory is seen as a waste because it has to be tracked and managed. I think this is pretty evident, because properly prepping is a lot of work. How do you draw the lines between contingency planning and excess?

2nd place, hard to beat apple pie🤷‍♂️

Need any more proof?

If the PRC is against something, there is a good chance that you should look into it if you love freedom.

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@Toolman Thinking of you in all of this. I'm sorry for your loss and that you had to go through the trauma that is the "hospital experience". It is good to know that God is sovereign and with us always, especially in times such as these.

@xyzzy Just seeing this thread. Awesome. Thanks for a trip down memory lane!

Finally got around to messing with cryptocurrencies this week, despite reading the Bitcoin white paper not long after it was published. Here's my 2 cents. This is a pretty revolutionary and cool technology despite its cult-like following and I think it has staying power. The mining process uses a lot of power which some consider waste. What I consider most interesting is that a government's reaction to crytocurrency seems to be good gauge of a given society's freedom. I recommend trying it out.

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I don't like conatiners but I should probably learn them before I diss them any more.
If only there was a book or something that just had everything.

> /me searches up "openshift service mesh ceph containerd coreos" keyword spam

oh my god:

> 1700 pages: holy crap it's basically the Red Hat Bible.
> kindle-only (i.e. DRM)
> 2019 (already outdated im guessing)

and we haven't even hit kubevirt+ovirt yet (hello VMs, everything old is new again), which is probably another 1700 pages of its own.
yeah im sticking to bare metal, no containers/vms if I can help it. It's like learning webdev in $CURRENT_YEAR.

I feel like the challenge isn't learning everything, it's deciding what *not* to learn.

@beerrs @Patriot_CO I would go out on a limb and suggest that because conservatives are more often Christian, they err on the side of grace, understanding that the tenet of neighborly love trumps a person’s beliefs and worldview. Even though we are broken and wrong in the head, God loves us and provided a path back to Him and regeneration.

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Sooooo, I got a puppy...
I've waited 16 years after my last dog passed away. I named her Sally Jane after my best friend who died when I was 8 years old. She is a chihuahua rat terrier mix. Tiny little girl! I love her so much already!

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