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Oh boy, getting ready to take Heidi to Waffle House for the first time. She’s excited!

A couple systems, one a Librem 5, listening on UDP for an audio stream. A fun multi-speaker audio system!

You know, BitTorrent is actually pretty cool. It is probably used for piracy mostly, but it is a tool that can be used for good. BitTorrent is able to share all kinds of information to friends, family, or the public without going through a middle man or setting up a server. I think most people don't know this, but they should.


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Heard about PineNote, but hadn't seen one. Looks pretty cool!

Just found an old iPhone 4 in the basement. Runs a softphone app, XMPP client, OpenVPN, terminal emulator, and media player just fine. Super computers...collecting dust.

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Thin morning clouds over Gale Crater on Mars, spotted yestersol (Sol 3817) by the Mars Curiosity Rover

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Kevin M. Gill

#Mars #MarsCuriosity #Space #Science

Made some NC red slaw with purple cabbage….pretty good! Would be better with some BBQ.

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So here it is. My first ever 8x10 pinhole camera image taken on an. ISO glass plate yesterday for world pinhole photography day. This is a 4 hour exposure of the sun's path on 30th April 2023 as seen from my deck in Portobello Dunedin New Zealand. Developed under a safelight using adonal at a 1:50 dilution. #pinholephotography #NewZealand

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CW: Death, feelings of failure, obscure 70s music, inspiration 

Not everyone will agree with me, but I would love to see more Stargate.

@mary and I want your input. We need to do an exterior wall mock up for the new house we’re building. I don’t just want to tear it down when we’re done, but rather design it to be a permanent chicken coop. This thing will be like a concrete bunker for chickens. We’ve never owned chickens, but could imagine having up to a dozen one day. What size should we make this thing? I want to pour a height of 10’-8” on the tallest wall to test the form system, but don’t want it bigger than it needs to be.

One of the things that bugs me a bit about Gemini is the need for TLS. I don't think you can just serve up gemtext via http or ftp, you have to run a Gemini Capsule. I just used Lagrange to open local files and it worked beautifully. Tried it again via X11 forwarding on a remote server with the same results. I kinda love this.

Want to grow some millet this year. I know that if you eat a LOT of some varieties, you can get thyroid problems. I'm about to refresh my memory on the subject and wanted to know if anyone has grown it and what varieties you recommend. I swear I've seen something that looks a lot like millet growing in the wild around here, will get some pictures to verify.

Installed FoxtrotGPS (one of my favorite programs) and rsynced my maps from the NAS to the Librem. Lots of offline maps on a mobile Linux device!

@kyle I got my Librem 5 this week and am having fun with it. It's a dream come true. Thanks for all your hard work at Purism. I will get a copy of your new book.

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